AMI port, what is it?

Our Bluetooth Music adapter works with MDI (Volkswagen Media-In interface), AMI (Audi Media Interface) ports only. Typically it is located in the glove box or under the armrest in Audi cars, and for Skoda and Volkswagen cars it can be found under the armrest: 

If your Audi is not equipped with the AMI port, you can buy it here: Buy AMI (Audi music interface) hardware for 3g MMI systems

 Audi MMI port VW MDI port
Where to find it:

audi ami port

audi bluetooth adapter for ami port

audi q7 ami port for bluetooth adapter

volkswagen mdi port

vw bluetooth adapter for ami port

How the port actually looks like: audi ami port
volkswagen mdi port

It is just examples where these ports can be found, of course, it may differ for different cars.